Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Favorite Things

By Natalie

In all my wisdom as a parent, here are some of my favorite things:

Aden + Anais muslim swaddling blankets
I love these blankets! They are thin enough to swaddle during the Texas summers. They are bigger than most blankets and allow you to make a really tight swaddle. I recommend buying at least 10.  I also love their burp cloths!

H&M socksMy cousin bought me some newborn socks, and they are so thick and comfy. They don't have much variety in the thick newborn ones, but I bought all the different styles I could find. They are about $4.95 for 2 pairs. They don't fall off and they don't slip down.

Fisher Price bouncer
Heather, from book club, loaned me this bouncer. It is a life saver. It's pretty much all Jack sleeps in. Jack sleeps where ever he'll stay asleep, and at the moment it's the bouncer. I bought a newer fancier bouncer,  that actually bounces on it's own, but I don't love it.  He has to be buckled in, and it's hard to swaddle and buckle. Jack is one of those babies that has to be swaddled at night to stay asleep for any amount of time. He seems to like it if he's pretty calm when I'm putting him down. He's actually fallen asleep in the new bouncer a few times being wide awake.
And he's wearing his "born in 2012" H&M socks!

Kimono Style Shirts
Jack's uniform for bed is a cloth diaper, socks, and a kimono style shirt. I find that these are easiest to deal with in the middle of the night. I can check his diaper easily without having to unsnap anything. If we have a diaper leak we don't have to change outfits entirely. I don't enjoy pulling clothes over his head, so the snaps are perfect.  These work well in the Texas heat.

What's your must favorite baby gadget?
Photo Credit: buy buy baby and me