Monday, December 5, 2011

What Will It Bee?

By Natalie
 I saw these invitations on Etsy and HAD to have them.  My cousin Katy made me a beautiful cake. It was perfect. I LOVED IT!

Everyone gathered around as I sliced the cake to reveal pink or blue icing. I envisioned Micah and I slicing it together like a wedding cake. He told me I'm a little too weird for him.
 Awww, It's a boy!
 Isn't the bee on top so cute? Katy made it with fondant.
 Here's the bee crew. They bought me the surprise shirt in Canton, and they all coordinated their bee outfits. Right down to baby Harper.
 Here's the lovely bee girls!
 After the party, we promptly drove over to Macy's and bought some cute BOY clothes. And my MIL when on a shopping spree and bought home so many cute outfits.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

20 Weeks- It's a boy!

By Natalie

We had our 20 week appointment on Friday, December 2nd. The 20 week appointment was awesome! I've only had one sonogram at 8 weeks, and at that point the baby looks like a little bean.  It was completely obvious that it was a boy. He was NOT shy at all. The sonographer assured us that she was 100% sure and to go paint the nursery. Everything else looks great, 2 kidneys, 4 chambers of the heart, and good looking brain. The baby weighs 13 oz, right on schedule for 20 weeks 2 days.

Now, we just need to choose a name. I'm open to suggestions. I haven't a clue.