Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Katy's Cakes

My cousin Katy is terrific at making cakes and other baked goods. She recently (within the past few years) has been fattening up our family with her delicious treats. She's a nurse by day and a baker at night in Rockwall, TX. She is very detail-oriented. When I see her cakes, I think there is no way that I could sit and make 50 fondant umbrellas.  Our family thinks she fabulous and fully supports launching Katy into her own bakery business.  Anyone have any ideas how we can make this happen?
Hudson's baby shower umbrella cupcakes
Nicole's 30th birthday party
Hudson's 1st birthday party
Hudson's 2nd birthday party
Harper's umbrella cake

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  1. Wow, your cousin is talented. I'd definitely love to have one of her treats at our next celebration.