Sunday, January 9, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

This weekend we had company and I made Blueberry Muffins with an Orange Glaze, I got the recipe from Eat at Home. They are fantastic!

Tips: Use fresh squeezed orange juice, and make the glaze right before you are ready to put it on the muffins.

On Saturday morning, I made breakfast casserole. This is a very popular recipe amongst my friends and family.

2 cans of crescent rolls
1 package of cream cheese (room temperature)
1 package of Jimmy Dean sausage
6 eggs (slightly beaten)
shredded cheese

Preheat oven to 375. Lay 1 can of the crescent rolls in the bottom of a greased 9x13 pan. Spread cream cheese on top of the crescent roll. I usually use about 1/2 of the box of cream cheese, add as much or as little as you like! Cook the Jimmy Dean sausage in a pan, drain. Then put the sausage on top of the cream cheese. Scramble 6 eggs, and place them on top of the sausage. Sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese on top. Then roll out the 2nd can of crescent rolls and place on top. Cook for 11-13 minutes, follow the directions on the crescent roll package.


  1. Breakfast casserole serves 8 slices.

  2. Ooh, this does sound good. I've made a kind of similar one before, I will have to try this.