Sunday, May 29, 2011

Open Water Swim

Yesterday, Micah and I went to Eagle Mountain Lake. I've been putting off swimming in open water my entire training.  I was pretty nervous, and it wasn't even race day. The water was so cold. I probably spent about 10 minutes whining and just standing knee deep in the water on the boat ramp. I couldn't make myself get in. Then I decided to climb on an extra spidery ladder and go into the water that way. I eventually made it in the water, after much prodding from Micah. I decided to swim out a little bit in the cove, but I was pretty nervous. I didn't want to get hit by a boat that wasn't expecting a swimmer. It is Memorial day weekend after all. I swam a little bit and even put my head in the water for all the strokes. I was pretty proud of myself. I did better than I've ever did with putting my head in the water. I was pretty anxious but I got through it.  Because of my anxiety I'm going to have to be sure to swim at a normal pace, and not wear myself out.  I felt like I was swimming at little bit too fast.

I have a plan now for next Sunday. I'm going to get in the water before the race, have a freak out moment, and then I'm hoping I'll be much better. In the past races I've always hung back so that I don't get kicked in the face at the start. I think I'm going to stay closer to people so that I don't have to spot as much. I'll just follow the crowd.

Oh, dear I hope I don't drown.


  1. You're gonna be great. The fear is what makes it so amazing when you finish! For me, it's the fear of the spandex suit...

  2. You are going to be amazing!!!! Mike's parents live on Eagle Mtn Lake - small world. So pumped for you and will be sending you lots of lucky thoughts on race day.