Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet tooth

By Natalie

I think I was having a bit of a sweet tooth this past week. I saw strawberry basil sorbet in my feed this week. I promptly printed it out, ran out to the garden to pick some basil and whipped up this sorbet.  It is delish!

I made grapefruit margaritas on many occasions over Memorial Day weekend. It has been my drink of choice lately. I had left over basil simple syrup from the sorbet.  If you don't have simple syrup, or don't want to make it, just add some sugar. Don't worry, if you don't feel like squeezing grapefruits, just buy a jug of grapefruit juice. 

Today I made a pecan pie, which is a belated birthday pie for Micah's 30th. He wanted me to wait until he was finished training for all of his race events. Micah loves the bourbon flavor.

I found blackberries at sprouts for 77 cents. 77 CENTS! So I decided to make these buttermilk berry muffins. For some reason this recipe only makes 9 muffins. Go figure. I'm not smart enough at math to add 1/3 to the recipe.

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