Monday, April 9, 2012

My Coach

By Natalie

 After the version on Tuesday, I'm feeling much more confident in Micah and I as a team. Micah did a great job in helping me remain calm. I imagine it was really hard on him to watch me in so much pain. He reminded me that I'm strong and that I can do it.

When I was feeling very sad about Jack being breeched, and the possibility of a c-section looming, he was there for me. He bought me flowers to make me feel better.

He's done an awesome job at sitting through our hippy Bradley Birthing classes. He's seen more diagrams of vaginas and heard some pretty gnarly stuff these past few weeks. Things that make your toes curl. He's handled most of it except the presentation of encapsulating your placenta. But, who wants to hear about that anyways?

He's wrapped my legs, which is getting harder and harder for me to bend that way every day. He helped me work on relaxation and stretching poses.

When I thought that managing the house and being in my 3rd trimester would be too hard; he's stepped up. I'm pleasantly surprised!

I love you, and thank you for taking care of me. It's wonderful to be on the same page about the birth we want, and I know that we'll work together to achieve it. I can't wait to see you as Dad.

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  1. Yayyy! Go Micah! You guys are so wonderful - Jack is a lucky kiddo!