Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 Weeks Update

By Natalie
Jack is 2 weeks old this week. Hard to believe! He'll be 3 weeks on Monday, so this update is a little tardy.  One afternoon I decided to take matters into my own hands and take some pictures. If I waited around for Micah to get to it, I'd still be waiting. These are supposed to be newborn pictures, but Jack is already too alert! I think I missed the newborn window.

Jack's best time of day is early morning. His not so great time is from 9-11 or 12 or 1 AM. I think he takes after the Kemp side of the family of being a night owl. Micah spends his evenings swaddling Jack and playing white noise. Jack is soothed best in the bouncer and the box fan close by. Jack likes lots of noise!

Jack and I went to the 2 week appointment and he weighs 8 lbs 1 oz. His birth weight was 8 lbs even. The pediatrician said that they just want him to be back to birth weight at 2 weeks. He's right on track.  He's measuring 21 inches, he's grown an inch! The pediatrician appointment was not fun for either of us. Jack had 2 shots and I had to soothe him on 4 different occasions as the nurse and doctor were in and out of the room. We go back in June!


  1. Aww! He is so cute Natalie! I'm so glad everything is going well so far.

  2. Shut up. He is just too adorable!