Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eating in Boston

I ventured up to visit Micah in Boston, since he was going to be there for about 2 weeks. This is my second visit to Boston in winter, not such a smart time to visit! Micah was working in Billerica (in Boston it's pronounced Bill-rick-uh). Here's some of the places we ate, since pretty much the only thing to do in Boston is EAT!

On Friday, we narrowly made it out of the airport, got a little lost, and then decided to hit the suburbs. Micah is much more familiar with the burbs then Boston proper. We had dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant, Cafe Luigi. I had pasta primavera and Micah had chicken parmigiana (which was a really huge portion). I treated myself to a glass of Riesling and stuffed mushrooms.

Saturday afternoon we met Lucy for lunch in Boston and ate at a quaint sandwich shop, Cafe Vanille. I had a veggie wrap which had eggplant in it with a side of tomato soup. At first Micah was put off because of the eggplant, but he thought it was great and ate half of it!

For dinner, we walked all over Boston and ended up at Kashmir an Indian food restaurant. It was delicious! I have probably only had Indian food about 4 times total, and the naan here was excellent. I want to drink the naan dipping sauce. Micah had kebabs and I had rice with veggies. After dinner, we went next door to Johnny Cupcakes, I was really looking forward to a cupcake. Imagine my shock and despair when we realized it was a t-shirt shop. Talk about false advertising.

On Sunday, we ate at Pedro's which serves a Latin cusine. I didn't have high hopes for eating Mexican type food out of Texas, but it was really good. I had shrimp quesadillas, which were fabulous. They had this dressing (cilantro, oil, lemon, and garlic) that they put on top of the rice, and it was so good we asked the waiter how to make it. As sides they had yucca and plantains, which were a treat instead of plain old rice and beans.

Obviously we missed out on the Italian food in the North End, and we didn't even make it to Mike's Pastry. The purpose of this trip was to spend time together instead of being ultra touristy. I had a great time!

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  1. Love Indian and have heard it's incredible in Boston.