Monday, April 18, 2011

Work Out Summary April 10th-16th

You can find what I did last week here. This week, I felt much better about life. The training program gave me 2 days off, which was awesome!

Sunday-Ran 60 minutes, 6 miles 
Tuesday-Swam 24 laps for 26 minutes, Ran 30 minutes, 3 miles
Wednesday-Biked 50 minutes for 10 miles, Ran 25 minutes, 2.7 miles
Thursday-I had an after school program, so I took this day off instead of having Friday off
Friday-Swam 24 laps for 26 minutes, Biked 30 minutes for 8 miles inside
Saturday-Swam 33 laps in 34:24 minutes, Bike 46 minutes, 12.33 miles outside

Time: 5.5 hours
Bike: 30 miles
Run: 11.7 miles
Swim: 81 laps

On Saturday, as I was loading up my bike into the truck, I noticed that Micah had installed Aero bars. I'm so excited. It was a complete surprise. He got them for our anniversary which is not until May 24th. He also got me another bike computer. I go through bike computers like candy!

My ears are hurting me today, which I think is due to the wind and swimming. It has been so windy here! I've had to change some of my bike workouts to avoid the wind.

In between swimming and biking yesterday, I saw my family. Isn't Hudson adorable?

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