Sunday, April 10, 2011

Workout Summary April 3rd-9th

Sunday: Swim date to improve my technique, 45 minutes
Tuesday: Spin class (1 hour, Instructor said it is only 12 miles), Ran on treadmill (30 minutes, 3 miles)
Wednesday: Swim (24 laps, 35 minutes), Run (45 minutes, 4.5 miles)
Thursday: Swim (32 laps, 40 minutes)
Friday: Run (25 minutes, 2.5 miles)
Saturday: Swim (33 laps, 35 minutes)

Time: 5.25 hours
Swim: 89 laps, 2.53 miles
Run: 10 miles
Bike: 12 miles

Y'all I'm tired. I'm feeling pretty beat down with my workouts. I didn't feel stellar one time this week, except in the pool on Saturday. Everything was really hard this week. Spin class is giving me major problems when sitting in extended position. Padded bike shorts did not help. I'm going to skip next week, and ride outside instead.

I'm doubting my ability to do an Olympic distance. Mostly because I'm terrified of the open water swim. Also, I'm not enjoying the training.  It's getting to be too much with a full time job. Maybe I'll do the sprint distance on June 5th instead.

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  1. Don't get discouraged! You can totally do it! Once your body gets used to the beating, you will think back to this point and be like, "Remember when I used to get so beat down by this? Look at me now!" It gets better - I promise. (that said, if you really don't like, there's no's supposed to be fun!) Some weeks are just tough weeks - I bet things get better this week! And seriously, next time you guys are in town, I will send you out the scuba lakes - great open water swim practice. You're gonna be fun GREAT!