Monday, September 26, 2011

Indian Chicken

By Natalie
In Boston, we went to an Indian restaurant with the most delicious sauce. I wanted to eat the sauce with a spoon! I think I made something similar with this tomato-yogurt sauce. Micah said that it doesn't taste like the sauce at all. What does he know?

The day before I made zucchini pasta and had so many vegetables that I saved some to serve as a side with this Indian dish. I poured some of the sauce on the veggies to tie it all together. I also served naan. Bread is so good.

I used boil-a-bag rice as a short cut. I boiled the rice in chicken broth and one clove of garlic (minced). I'm unable to cook rice without making a huge mess. I pretty much only have boil-a-bag rice on hand.

You can find the recipe for Indian chicken here from Foodie Bride.

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