Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Parenting Advice

By Natalie

Here are some great ideas that people have shared with me lately about raising their kids:
  •  Put your older baby to bed awake so that he can learn to soothe himself to sleep.
  • Put your toddler to bed at the same time each night, and he can stay up as long as he want in his room reading books
  • Put 2 layers of waterproof sheets and flat sheets in the crib. In the middle of the night if he gets one set wet, all you have to do is pull the top layer off.
  • Potty train all day and ALL NIGHT. Don't put a pull-up on them at night, go ahead and get waterproof sheets.
  • Set up allowances that your child gets $5 per week for helping around the house. With that $5 they have to put $2 into savings, $1 they have to give to charity or tithe, $2 they can spend. I love the idea of teaching giving and saving so early!
  • How to get going on cloth diapers:


  1. Not saying you SHOULDN'T put all those waterproof sheets on the bed, but at 9.5 months old, I have only had to change the sheets in the middle of the night, well, never. If she leaks, we find it in the morning, when she wakes up...I'm just saying. I think things get different as they get older, but all those mattress pads and ultimate crib sheets were a HUGE waste of money in my opinion. My only advice is to be the kind of parent YOU want to be. Don't listen to advice you don't like. Just be YOU. You are an amazing person, married to an amazing man and you will both be amazing parents...if you let yourself. Relax and enjoy it. The kid will be fine because he will be loved. You're gonna be great!

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