Monday, October 17, 2011

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

By Natalie
As I grow older, I find myself becoming more and more like my parents. It's like we are related or something.

When I was growing up my dad would over estimate A LOT. He would say that he's turning 50 when he's only 45. He loves to round up.  I found this pretty annoying, why wouldn't he just say how old he is?  I understand it's hard being old and sometimes your forget EXACTLY how old your are. For most of a year I thought I was 27. Good thing I had Jennie to remind me that I was only 26. And this year when someone asks me how old I am, I say, "I'm going to be 30 in December." Why can't I just relish being 29 for a few more months?  Ask dad how far away  something is and he'll overestimate by an hour. This is SO me.  Micah would ask me how far away Austin is, and the distance would get longer by an hour every time he asked.

My dad loves to dance. He'll start snapping his fingers and dancing around the kitchen at a drop of a hat. He's not gifted with dance, and I'm not either. But, we sure try. If I watch So You Think You Can Dance, I'm leaping and spinning all around my living room.

My rule following comes from my dad. I follow the rules, and so does Micah. This is one area we can agree. Although sometimes I get a streak of my mom in me, and want to cut some corners and break the rules.

Y'all remember that personality test, Meyers & Briggs? My dad loves Meyers & Briggs.  He'll say this is my "E" coming out, or I have a "J." I always thought we were both the same (ESTJ). We have a little extrovert where mom and Jordan have the "I." Anyone else in 2011 still live by Meyers & Briggs?

I'm like my mom in many ways. We have the same smile. We look so much alike except she has blond hair. She'll tell anyone that I look like my dad. What do you think?
 Sometimes when I'm talking, I think I sound just like my mom. Not that I'm saying what my mom says, but my pitch and tone. A little bit creepy.

At work, I have to draw silly pictures a lot. I'm such a visual learner, so I assume all my students are too! My co-workers like my drawings, and I think this is hilarious. Compared to my mom I'm terrible at drawing.

My entire family is pretty avid readers. My mom and I's ability to tune everyone (SPOUSES!) out is a pretty nice trick while reading. I remember growing up I would have to put my hand on her book and say, "MOM!" to get her attention. Micah has to do this all the time, except he doesn't say, "Mom" more like "HELLO ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!"

My mom is a special educator. I taught special education for 3 years, and then went back and got my masters. Now I'm a Speech Language Pathologist and work with students with special needs. Funny how things turn out, especially when my degree is in psychology.

I can't wait to see what my child will take from the both of us. Will the baby be a mixture or strictly like Micah? I hope my child gets my organizational skills, humor (I'M THE FUNNY ONE), and studiousness. From Micah I hope they take his smarts and attention to detail, but my ability to finish a task!
 This is me at 13.5 weeks. Baby is around the size of a peach. Don't mind my extra wrinkly shorts.

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  1. I hope your baby gets your desire to do my laundry when he/she visits :)

    (I hope you write these posts/post these pictures every week!)