Thursday, October 20, 2011

Decorating in my dreams

By Natalie

On Sunday, I took a luxurious nap. When I woke up I had a great idea for a nursery, if it's a girl. This is just a rough sketch. I like the idea of red & white. This would be the accent wall that the crib would be on.
The bedding could be something along this color scheme with a white crib skirt. I'm thinking white furniture.
This was the other idea I had with a pink accent wall. The color is hard to see in this picture.
If it's a boy, then Micah wants turtles. You have to understand Micah's love for turtles. He can spot turtles anywhere. I joined Pinterest to find some ideas! Here's what I found.
I consider myself pretty lucky. My mom is VERY creative and VERY talented.  When I showed her these sketches, she liked the tree one best. Then I told her that Micah wants turtles; she said she draws really cute turtles. PERFECT. Granny and Mom sew too!

What are your ideas? What do you like best?


  1. Love the red and white. Gorgeous and I think it would be perfect. Plus babies see bold contrast the best, so I love that you aren't heading the pastel route. Have fun in Austin this weekend! Love ya, bran

  2. I also like the tree best, but the swirls are really good too.

    We've only gotten so far as: giraffe. Boy or girl. It helps that the room we're turning into a nursery is already a creamy yellow with goldenrodish trim.

    My mom is also super helpful with the sewing which is good, as I can barely stitch a straight line!

  3. I love turtles too! They are my sorority mascot.