Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter

By Natalie
Mom came over early to help me finish painting the inside of the game room. Glad I have her around to paint doors. Doors are super tricky!
She's glad that I have her around, because I've fed her lunch 3 days this week. I packed us a picnic lunch with delicious sandwiches, green apple, chips, and Dove Promises. We headed up to the theater one and half hours early to wait in line for Harry Potter. I bought the tickets online a few days ago, but I needed to pick them up at the box office. We arrive at 12:30 and there really wasn't a line. I can't believe it! I thought it was going to be packed! We go to Barnes & Noble and eat our lunch then head back over to the theater at 1:00. We wait outside of the theater in the AC for about 30 minutes. We watch all the boring "First Look" previews and commercials. Except mom fell in love with the new dolphin movie that has a prosthesis. The previews are about to start and the projector turns off and the lights come on.  We wait around 11 minutes, and then they give us free passes. After a few more minutes they parade us over to the 3D movie, and finally we get to watch the movie. The movies was great. I'm sad the series is over, and Voldermort is dead! Hooray!

Mom and Dad recently received a Big Green Egg.  Soon everyone will in the family will have one. Mom wanted to make a brisket, and  Dad was in charge of inviting everyone over. We had brisket, salad, new potatoes, and corn on the cob.  For dessert Katy made snickerdoodle blonde brownies (they are as good as they sound) and peanut butter cup cookies (equally amazing). Micah brought over some key lime pie ice cream. We left the ice cream over at mom's house, now we won't be in charge of eating it all.
 I got to see sweet baby Harper. She was mesmerized by her new lady bug shoes. Scott didn't even realize she was in the car because she was quiet and staring at her shoes.
 Mom picked figs from her yard. She was braver than us all and tasted one right off the ground! What should she make with the fresh figs?

Mom and Dad's dogs:
Ace, fearful of thunder, and great at posing for pictures.
 Dax, I could only catch the tail end! He has a helicopter tail.

Barley has some company this weekend. His dear friend Drago came over. He loves Drago. Barley looks so vicious when he's playing with Drago. I've never seen his teeth come out like that!

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