Monday, July 11, 2011

Mundane Monday

By Natalie

Yesterday I told Micah, "Tomorrow you have to go to work, and I have to get massage." He glared at me, and the lady next to us laughed. My massage got canceled, I guess that's what I get for rubbing it in. Today I made a billion trips to 1,000 different stores. Okay, I'm exaggerating but that's what it felt like.

First I went to PetCo and bought dog food. I decided to switch it up because our 114 lb beast has suddenly become picky.

Then to Target to buy some groceries.  I don't buy meat at Target, it's disgusting.

Came home and unloaded groceries.

Stop off at the vet to return a Furminator. It's a hair brush. It costs $50. Barley does not deserve a $50 hair brush. Micah bought it, and he's crazy.

Drive to Plano to Charming Charlie's to buy flip flops for Just Expressive's flip flop exchange.

Then to the 2nd grocery store of the day, Central Market. This is where I buy my meat. I love buying my meat from the butchers at Central Market. They are so friendly. I must always go at 3:46 to avoid the crowd.

Came home and unloaded groceries.

Final stop, the liquor store. We've need vodka for awhile. I need it to top off my homemade vanilla extract. 1 liter of vodka was $34 and 1.75 liters of vodka was $36. You do the math, you would get the giant bottle too? Right? And as an added bonus the clerk gave me a piece of chocolate.

Today, I also finished up Season 1 of Swamp People. I know, I should be ashamed of myself. But, I've learned so many things from that show. Like,  overalls are still in, cajuns are the worst dancers on the planet, and what "tree shaker" means. If your front tooth is missing don't worry about it. You now have a special slot for cigarettes. Now, I really wish my Granny would make me some gumbo.

As a special treat, Micah came home for lunch and brought me Jimmy John's. I love their veggie sandwich. The avocado spread is delish!

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