Saturday, July 2, 2011

Man Love

By Natalie

When Micah and Gilmore get together they giggle. They crack each other up until they cry, and are usually full of mischief. Last night was no exception. I invited myself out on a boys' night to the Ranger game. Our tickets were up in the third deck. I never sat in my designated seat the entire night. After the second inning Gilmore had the genius idea to move down to the first deck. He chose section 10. Little did we know that section 10 was guarded by the ball park Nazi, Dewayne. Dewayne has served the ball park for over 8 years.  We had no idea what we were up against.

We try to casually sit down in section 10 and in no less than 30 seconds, Dewayne is all over us. He asks us for our tickets. We explain that our tickets are in section 325. He says, "Well next time spend the $65 if you want better seats." Gilmore begs to stay gesturing over the completely empty section. Dewayne kills us with kindness by saying, "please. Please. Please." We move.

We journey over to first base far from Dewayne, and have no problem sneaking in over there. We have a great view of Dewayne, the great ball park enforcer. Many people try to get into section 10 but no one lasts more than 1 minute. He's on to the interlopers like white on rice. Gilmore deems section 10 the "chasity belt of the ball park." I don't think I watched the game at all, I was too entertained by section 10. Side note: Rangers won.

Gilmore, Zach, and Micah come up with the plan to simply write with a sharpie "section 10" on our ticket. Surely we'll get in that way.  Zach signs his by Nolan Ryan. Micah signs his Ron Washington. Gilmore ponders that we'd had more of a chance sitting next to Nolan Ryan than getting into section 10.

At the bottom of the 8th inning we decide that we are going to try and sneak over to section 10 again with our "official" tickets. We make it over there and low and behold they are letting just anyone get in section 10. What happened? Apparently they let people sit there for the post-game fireworks. What a let down, I was ready to see Gilmore and Dewayne go head to head.  A ball park employee informs Micah that they knew no one bought tickets to section 10 and that's why Dewayne was on high alert.

Micah and I leave for the night, and meanwhile Gilmore makes a new best friend. Gilmore & Dewayne:

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  1. LOVE this----Dave has a buddy like Gilmore and there is always a show when they are together. So sad that he lives in GA. Really, I am not sarcastically speaking here (I love his wife so it works out).

    Funniest thing is that Ben (our Gilmore) always ends his phone conversations with "I love you" and Dave can never respond appropriately with a straight face!

    I am glad for Micah (and you) that he has Gilmore :-)

    Happy 4th!!