Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

By Natalie

Last week I had an ultrasound and found out the baby is head up. This is bad news, but I'm trying to stay positive.  I'm planning on delivering at a birthing center. If the baby is breeched, then I will have to go to a hospital and deliver at a place I'm unfamiliar with. Even worse, I'll have to have a C-section.

Good thing, I have my entire spring break to dedicate to turning this baby. I've been going to the gym at least once a day to hang upside down from the workout bench. I went and did some handstands in the pool at the gym. And I've had Micah do the Rebozo Sifting. I've also been doing some inversions, which look like the dolphin pose, except you are on a couch or raised surface. I found all of these ideas at spinning babies.

In addition I'm going to go to a chiropractor three times this week. The chiropractor will perform the Webster technique. According to Fit Pregnancy the Webster technique is 82% effective. Read this article for some interesting facts about breeched babies and other methodologies. It is interesting how doctor's knowledge of delivering breeched babies has changed over the course of time.

I'm 35 weeks today, and I need him to turn by 36 weeks. After 36 weeks it becomes much more difficult, because there is less room. Thinking spinning thoughts for me!


  1. Good luck!!' my friend went in for her c section at 39 weeks and baby turned before they gave her the numbing meds. So they sent her home!! Hope baby turns for you too!!!

  2. Good luck Natalie! I'll be thinking of you - I know how important it is to you to avoid a c-section. That said, ALL of my friends that have had both a vaginal delivery and a c-section say the c-section was 10X, you know, there's that. :) Either way, you will have a beautiful bouncing baby boy!!! Hoping he flips like a good little boy though!

  3. Ack! Turn around, little baby! TURN, I SAY!

    Charlotte managed to turn herself transverse at 38 or 39 weeks and that was uncomfortable like WHOA when she did it, but then she turned herself back properly when she engaged during labor (at like, -1 station). (Last minute, Charlotte? Really?)

    So, they can still move if they want past 36 weeks, even if it IS more difficult. Try not to fret! You're doing awesome things to try and get him to turn. I bet he moves.

  4. My best friend's baby was transverse and he turned in the 39th week. I think it happens a lot!