Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Showers!

By Natalie

I had two wonderful baby showers. I had a work shower and a shower at Brandi's. My hostesses really outdid themselves, and made me and the baby feel loved. I got so many wonderful things. Everything is ready for baby, now he just needs to arrive.

Work Decos:

 Friends & Family Decos:

There were non-alcoholic mimosas and cappuccino milkshakes. Very tasty!

Work Cake:
 My mom came to the shower!
 Costco cakes, they are truly the best!

Family & Friends Cupcakes, made by cousin Katy:

Favors made by Jennie: home-made caramels, they were delicious! I was able to take home all the extras!

Hostesses from Work:
 Whitney hard at work, not pictured Kim, Shirley, Phyllis, Cindi, Yessica, Connie, Susana, Maria Elena

Hostesses from family and friends shower:
Shannon, me, Jennie & Brandi

A big thank you to everyone who attended and of course to the wonderful hostesses!


  1. Cute! I think it's pretty neat that both of your showers used hanging onesies as decorations.

    I'm confused about the non-alcoholic mimosas though. . .wouldn't that be just orange juice? Hmmmm. The cappuccino milkshakes sound delicious though!

  2. Your friends did an awesome job with your showers. The favors Jennie made look fantastic. You look so much like your mom.

  3. I love the hanging onesies decorations! I think decorating with hanging baby booties would also be a great idea! karenbomagat.etsy.com baby ballet slippers by Toes-Ts