Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Here's a sneak peak into my secret life in the kitchen....
  1. I rarely measure seasonings. Back in the day when we had cable, I would watch Rachel Ray (sometimes on mute) and marvel at how she never measured. She would just pour it into her hand and eyeball it. I want to be a cook like that. When the seasoning is spicy, I will measure. I've been burned before!
  2. When using dry spices, I don't feel the need to clean my measuring spoons. Sometimes I just wipe them clean with a paper towel. I'm lazy.
  3. I hate onions. I'm getting better with this. I will eat onions if they are completely softened. If I don't think they'll have enough time to soften up then I'll use onion powder.
  4. Cumin is my arch enemy. I gave cumin numerous tries, and it just tastes really strong to me. I can't figure out if my cumin is just terrible, or that I'm extremely aversive to it. But, I'm going to try it again. I got cumin from Penzey spices as a gift, hopefully I'll just love it!
  5. I make a smoothie every morning. I've gotten this down to an art and can make it in around 3 minutes.  (6 frozen strawberries + 1 banana + 1/2 c plain yogurt + 1/2 c 100% apple juice + 1 cup of pineapple)
  6. I'm not good at baking, because it requires precision & accuracy. See #1 why this is a problem for me. I am great at making muffins.
  7. I'm reckless in the kitchen. Recipe calls for thyme, I don't have it, I use rosemary. The recipe calls for Swiss, I don't have any, I use Mozzarella. I just substitute on a whim. Generally this turns out okay!
What are your kitchen secrets?


  1. I want to be like you! I'm a horrible substituter. (That's apparently not a word.) I want to be! I'm just not.

  2. My confession is that I make really good sandwich bread but I cheat. The breadmaker does all of the mixing/rises and then I bake it in the oven. So, I only do half the work. :)

  3. I'm a ruthless substitutor but I've learned over the last few years how to do that really well with the vegan substitutions I make.