Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gym Rat

We recently joined LA Fitness. I went to the gym for this "FREE" fitness assessment. I thought they were going to talk about cool things about the gym that I wouldn't of found out on my own, and then give me my height and weight.

This bozo told me that I need to lose 7 lbs. My weight is in the normal range for my height. So, he can shove it. I will agree that I can firm up in some areas, but I am not a dummy, and I can work the machines all by myself thank you.

This meat head had no idea about what it takes for training for a triathlon. I told him that given my training schedule, I really can't squeeze in another hour per week to work on strength. And I have to prioritize what I'm willing to pay for. If he was a swim instructor, I would've signed up right then and there. But, the dummy suggested that on T/TH I do all three events (swimming, biking, and running) at one time. That way I can focus on strength training (NOT MY PASSION) on M/W/F.  Then I visually wrote out what my training schedule looked like per week. He still did not understand that I want to prioritize, and strength training is not a priority.

When he was really leaning hard on me to get a personal trainer he said, "Well, we can all participate in triathlons, but we can't all compete." Listen a-hole, let me know when you've even worked outside of your gym, let alone PARTICIPATE in a triathlon.

If he crosses my path at the gym, he's getting the bird.


  1. Speaking as someone who KNOWS you and SEES you often, it's laughable that he or anyone would tell you to lose weight.


  2. You look amazing. He sounds like a moron. They always try to sell you on stuff you don't need. You also have a life and a husband and an awesome dog. Yeah dude I really want to spend every ounce of free time here with you.

  3. Thanks, guys! I needed to hear I'm not crazy for wanting to punch him in the face.