Thursday, March 10, 2011

To Tri or Not to Tri?

I completed my first half marathon on Sunday, February 27th, and have mixed emotions about my performance. I'm really happy to be done with training. I was really looking forward to doing something other than running. Last week, I went to a yoga class, spin class, and swam a few laps. Variety is awesome!

I've been mulling over what to train for next. I feel that I do much better with a goal in mind, so that I don't lose motivation to work out. I was thinking about trying an olympic triathlon next. But, then I saw that the swim distance is 1500 meters (1 mile!). I'm just not sure if I can do that! The bike distance (24 miles) and run (10K) I can manage. But the swim is freaking me out. I feel comfortable enough in a lap pool, but get me out in open water and that is a completely different story!

I've completed 3 different sprint triathlons, and thought that an olympic tri would be a good in between step.  In the past I usually hold my head up during the open water. I know, crazy. Every time I put my head in the water, I panic because I can't see. There is a Playtri on June 5th. I actually did the sprint distance in 2009, and I thought the race was poorly run, so that's also holding me back.

I googled around for some training schedules, and let me tell you, they are a doozie. I'm not sure if I'm ready to make that time commitment quite yet. Is it typical for week 1 to swim the entire distance and run the entire distance in one day? Seems like that would be something to work towards. Do you know of any good training schedules that are more gradual?

Does anyone want to be my swim coach? I saw this program at SMU for $289 that said it would alleviate the fear of swimming in open water, and that I would feel confident on race day. Does anyone know of any other programs?

It sure sounds like I have quite a few excuses not to. Go ahead talk me into it. Or better yet, say you'll do it with me!


  1. Oh my. Where to begin?!? 1. You can totally do it. 2. I firmly believe you do not need to do two sports in one day to successfully train for a triathlon. (FYI - I trained for an IM and NEVER did two workouts in one day. Not once.) The swim is daunting but I think if you can conquer your fear of the open water (maybe by getting in some practice swims at a lake?) you will be great! YOU CAN DO IT!!

  2. Oh and I will race with you...but not till later in the year. I have to hatch this little booger first... I'm doing a sprint in sometime after that...??