Thursday, August 25, 2011

Black and White Angel Food Cake

By Natalie

On Friday night Micah made chocolate ice cream.  This recipe is awesome, and a lot of work. That's why I make Micah in charge of the ice cream making. The recipe calls for EIGHT egg yolks, then you end up with all of these egg whites. I started searching for something to make besides a giant omelet, and stumbled across a Black and White Angel Food Cake recipe. 

I've never made Angel Food Cake before. This isn't a dessert I usually crave. I thought this recipe was perfect because it had cocoa in it. I was missing a few of the ingredients cream of tartar (it's at school so we can make play dough) and cake flour. I subbed the cream of tartar for white vinegar. I used regular flour instead of cake flour, and it worked out! I decided not to make the vanilla bean whipped cream, because I was going to serve the cake with ice cream. I was so happy to have my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Otherwise my arm would've fallen off beating 12 egg whites into stiff peaks. This recipe is fat free!

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  1. I love that you figured out a recipe for the egg whites instead of tossing them. Can I be you?