Wednesday, August 10, 2011


By Natalie

Like the crazy person that I am, I went to 2 grocery stores today. I stopped at Central Market to get my produce and fish/meats. Then stopped off at Target to get the other stuff that is very overpriced at Central Market. I also found some dishes on clearance. The plates were only 88 cents. Cute, huh? I really can't be trusted at Target.

I saw Jonna's recipe  for beans and tomatoes this morning and decided to make it straight away. It's really delicious, although I might have gone too heavy on the garlic. I was happy to use basil from my garden. Surprisingly my basil plant is growing leaps and bounds despite the drought.

At Central Market they had lobster tails on sale for $6.99. I've never made this before, and they are a little tricky to get into. I used these links found here and here for advice. They were pretty delicious but that's mostly due to the butter. I made mashers as a side and a fresh salad with strawberries and almonds.

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