Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning

By Natalie

Sometimes you just feel like a traditional breakfast. Like the best wife that I am, I made bacon, eggs, and pancakes. The pancakes were a little dicey, because I ran out of milk, and then noticed that I didn't have enough Bisquik. Oops, I should have just halved the recipe in the first place. What's your favorite breakfast food? 

Later that night we went to the Ranger game with my parents. My parents were on the smile cam at the ball park. So exciting! It wasn't too hot at the game, just 100 degrees. It cooled down to about 99, and there was a breeze going.  Michael Young had 2000 hits at the game. The Rangers ended up winning but only after we left the game. I guess we were bad luck!

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  1. Please come over and make me breakfast this Sunday. SEE YOU THEN, K BYE!