Friday, August 5, 2011

Running through the Summer

By Natalie

I'll be captain obvious here, but it's hot. It's miserable. No one wants to go outside. I'm sitting inside with the curtains drawn and the fan going at high speed.

I went running at 8:15 this is the earliest I could make it happen. Every step felt like murder. It felt like I was sucking in fire. And it was only 85 degrees out. I'm not conditioned to this heat. I haven't spent many days this summer pounding the pavement. I ran/walked 3 miles at a pathetic pace of 11 min/mile.

What do you do to get through this heat? How do you motivate yourself to take another step?

Carrots N' Cake showed me this awesome site. tracks all of the races you've ever done. It's really cool! You can even  check out your friends' races. It's there that I saw that I've had a pace of 8:37/mile for a 5K back in 2006. I need to get back there. I need to kick that 10 min/mile pace to the curb.


  1. Ok let's see if I can do this...
    Well I got a cheap treadmill of craigslist but if you don't like treadmills, maybe an elliptical? I can never seem to get the hang on them but maybe it would work for you? Other than that, I have some workout videos I alternate. Those are my only ideas :)

  2. It's just SO hot, isn't it? I have to run on the treadmill (which I've found doesn't really hurt my training based off 5K and 10K races) or run REALLY early. Come on, October, GET HERE ALREADY!