Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busy Busy Thursday

By Natalie

The day was moving along just fine, until I dropped my iPhone on my hardwood floors. Here's the result:

It's still working, but I'm a little afraid that I'm going to cut my finger on the screen.

I went to a yoga class this morning. We worked on shoulders, which was convenient since mine has been feeling a little stiff.

I drove mom to the airport and then met up with these lovely ladies (Sarah, Christy & baby Anna, Jess & Caroline) and Hayden at Su Vino.

 Su Vino has a special place in my heart because of their almond champagne. Delicious! I got to hold baby Anna, and she's just so cute!

After wine tasting at noon, I jetted over to UT Southwestern to visit my cousin Katy. She's in the hospital for the next 10 days getting her antibodies exchanged. I made a stop at Whataburger and had a grilled cheese AND fries. I can't even tell you the last time I went to a fast food restaurant. I feel pretty guilty.

After all of my driving over the metroplex, I came home and made Pork Chops with a Blueberry sauce.

Then I had to have a glass of wine since the recipe required wine.

For dessert, I had mixed berries sorbet. It is so creamy, and was worth staying up late last night to make.

Oh, and Barley is peeved at me. I am trying to treat his continuous ear infections. He does not like it AT ALL.

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