Monday, June 27, 2011

Grilled Cheese, Book Club, and a New Dress

By Natalie

We were down to nothing in our fridge. Anyone else find relief in using all their food at the end of the week? I really take the "kids are starving in Africa" to a whole new level, just ask my co-workers.  With just the bare essentials we made a 3 cheese grilled cheese (provolone, Monterrey jack cheese, and SHREDDED cheddar cheese). It was really delicious, and oh, so cheesy. I had a side of Campbell's bean & bacon soup. It's okay, you can call my trashy for eating that. Micah does. Here's a recipe to make home-made bean & bacon soup.

Book Club
Our book this month was Water For Elephants. We ventured over to Irving to watch the movie at the dollar theater. It didn't have stadium seating, and you could feel the bar in the seat. I felt like we were slumming it a bit. The movie was good even a second time. Afterward, we went to Vito's Italian restaurant, and it was a little gangster. One of the patron's had some choice words tattooed on his knuckles. I'll give you a hint, it's a 4 letter word, and it starts with an "f". I felt like he was cussing me out while I was eating my dinner.  Also, the service was terrible. What totally made up for it was the company. It's such a treat to hang out with Jennie, Erica, Julie, Julia, Jennifer,  Mel, and my mom. Can't wait to see everyone in July. I wish we all lived closer, instead of spread out over the metroplex.

New Dress
Last week my mom and I worked on making me a dress. Well, I cut it out, and she put it all together. She's the best. Isn't the dress just darling?

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  1. I really wish I didn't live way down here.

    Love the dress!