Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mushrooms and Long Bike Rides

By Natalie

Saturday is the day we do our long rides. We are training to ride in the Hotter n' Hell in August. Which distance we'll do is to be determined at a later date. Long ride to me means 24 miles, and long ride to Micah means 50.  The plan was to start at the trail head at Hillcrest & 635. Then ride the 6 miles to White Rock Lake and then the 9 miles around the lake, and come back. The trail out to White Rock is nice and not too crowded, there are no lights or stops. The trail around the lake is a bit more crowded, especially on the weekends. Next week we need to get to the trail by 7:00 AM to avoid the heat and crowds. I think it is the most crowded from 8-10 AM.

Micah planned on doing the route twice.  In actuality, I rode 26.75 and Micah rode 51.5 miles. I am so proud of Micah! This is the furthest he's gone. It was pretty hot when he returned, and the wind didn't let up much. It is always pretty windy around the lake.

Pork Chops Smothered in Mushrooms

Barley is always by my side when I'm cooking. He's the best at catching food that falls on the floor.

For some crazy reason I went to Wal-Mart not once, but twice. I knew I was taking a risk going on a Saturday, but I needed some things for our Father's Day dinner.  First off, I could barely push the cart around the store. Why do I always get the bum cart? Second, when I went to check out they had ONE checker working. I went up to said checker and informed him, he's the only one working and everyone else has left. He found someone to open up another register. And wouldn't ya know, the person in front of me wrote a check?! She had been standing in line for about 10 minutes, couldn't she have written it out while standing in line?

The second trip consisted of the same thing. No one to check you out.  After we finally got checked out, Micah said, "quick let's get out of here as fast as we can." I took this mean to start running with our hands in the air screaming, "I hate this place."

I'm sticking with Central Market. Although I did go there on a Saturday, and that place is crowded. You can't even maneuver in the produce, and I didn't have a cart. I bought my chicken and bee-lined it to the cash registers. No more grocery store trips for me....until Monday.

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  1. First, I LOVE the Barley pic...and second, I have vetoed WalMart too. I always get the bum cart too--sucks! I also ALWAYS see everyone I know (our town is around 20,000). There are only two places I can shop--one being WalMart--so I choose Safeway OR drive to another town!

    Happy biking :-)